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Blackie Collins:

Blackie Collins is the grandfather of assisted-opening knives and one of the most visionary designers in the industry.

Kirby Lambert:

Kirby Lambert is a highly regarded Canadian custom knife maker known for his exceptional tactical knives and investment-grade gentlemen’s folders.

Darrel Ralph:

Darrel Ralph’s incredible custom and mid-tech designs are prized collector’s pieces that are always in extremely high demand. Now the distinctive styling and function of his knives are available to everyone at a price that fits every budget.

Bob Terzuola:

His exceptional insights into the real needs of military personnel make his production designs extremely popular with our men in uniform.

Dirk Pinkerton:

Dirk Pinkerton’s personal defense knives paired with his deep-concealment sheathes provide discreet but extremely potent personal protection options.

Greg Lightfoot:

His exceptional skill in high-quality custom knives and his love for hunting and outdoors have fueled the development of some truly inspired knife designs that are tailor-made for serious hunters.

Brent Beshara:

His incredible “BESH Wedge ” triple-edged point geometry meets every need and provides the ultimate synthesis of strength and penetration.

Charles Sauer:

Charles Sauer’s production knives faithfully capture the unique form and function of his custom blades and are extremely popular with hunters who really understand knives.

Randall King:

Randall King is a uniquely talented knife maker with an exceptional understanding of both style and function.

Jeff Hall:

Known for his deep hollow grinds, Jeff produces beautiful and functional custom designs and is a welcome addition to our designers.